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Tell us about you
With over 20 years in the corporate world, I felt a gravitation to pivot my focus and create a positive impact supporting mothers. I am a certified Mama Rising (Motherhood and Matrescence) coach and together with my lived experience as a mum of 2, I am passionate about driving a culture change around how we empower mothers to achieve work-life harmony.

Describe your biz in a sentence:
Seasonal wellbeing boxes of beautiful local products & guided rituals to support Mums thrive throughout Motherhood.

Tell us how your business came to be
As a working Mum constantly reconciling the competing devotions of mothering and work, I felt a calling to be an activist of Matrescence to support other Mothers. The inner split a woman feels as she enters into and moves throughout motherhood is universal, it transcends cultures, geographies, age and even social and economical position. But yet there is limited acknowledgment of the emotions that come with this monumental shift in a woman's identity. And what I realised was, instead of creating yet another product that focuses on the baby or the act of mothering, what if I could combine my accreditation with conscious local products and self-care practices to support women as they navigate this role, but also gently and powerfully introduce her to the healing insight of Matrescence. 

The power of language and calling out a word like Matrescence is a powerful gift. It is recognition of the birth of a Mother and much like adolescence it is the physical and psychological shift in one’s identity.

When my daughter was born I soon discovered everything was focused on the act of mothering: breastfeeding teas, sleep routines and baby products. And it was important and caring. But how do I explain all the changes that came with my transition into Motherhood? When I heard the word Matrescence, everything shifted.

There was a name for how I felt as I moved through different stages of my motherhood journey. It wasn’t just me. I wasn’t alone. And why don’t we talk about this more openly?

With the new knowledge and insight I have gained with my Motherhood and Matrescence certification I have infused the key learnings into ‘The Little Pack of M Cards’ that are in the box each season. These cards teach women how to use the products in intentional ways creating space to recharge and reset in the midst of overwhelm and burnout.

Your daily motto?
1. Progress over perfection

2. Discomfort = Growth

What’s one thing you know that will benefit our audience? Let them know!
Motherhood is a rewarding, soul enriching experience but there will be days, moments, phases that are hard and that is normal and that is ok. Do the best that you can, that is enough.

What are your favourite business tools (and why?)
Canva and Chat GPT for creative inspiration and ideas. I have always loved learning from others and crowdsourcing perspectives. I feel that these tools can help create new ways of looking at the same problem.

What’s your approach on ‘the juggle’?
Perspective. Aligning my priorities, energy and focus with my values. Letting go on the idea of perfection in motherhood, being comfortable that sometimes you will get a school late note or miss a deadline. Put it in a broader perspective, learn from it and keep going.

What do you think is your most transferable skill between motherhood and business?
Adaptability. Being able to adapt and respond in the face of change. Motherhood and business life are both filled with unpredictability and challenges. Whether it's navigating sleepless nights, juggling multiple commitments or finding creative ways to solve problems. We learn to be flexible, resilient, and resourceful, embracing change with courage and grace.

What does mumbition mean to you? (the unapologetic blending of motherhood and ambition)
When we become a mother, we split in two - Who we used to be, and the Mother. Matrescence is the ongoing exploration and transformation from the split back to the whole. It is the permission we didn't know we needed to feel all the feels of who we were and who we want to be as a Mother too. The unapologetic blending of ambition and motherhood means that for me, working makes me a better Mother and being a Mother makes me a better worker/employee.

What’s the best part of being part of the Mums & Co community?
The supportive and collaborative network of strong and inspiring women who share your mumbition. The community is unique, it is a space where you can learn from mums in business who can relate to the juggle.

How has Mums & Co helped you?
I loved attending the MPowered event. The speakers and topics met me exactly where I was in my business. The event gave me so much practical insight and knowledge. I also have connected with other Mums who are in a similar industry to gain their best practices and advice which has been invaluable.

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