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Tell us about you

I have been an Osteopath in Geelong and on the Bellarine for 10 years. I have two very busy

kids, a three year old and a one year old, who tell me that ‘I go to work to help people’. I love my job and the

changes it can make in people’s lives. I’ve just finished a nutrition course that will complement

my client care. My favourite things to do are get a coffee and go for a walk on the beach with my


Describe your biz in a sentence

BodyLab health is an allied health centre that focuses on progressive care and women’s health.

Tell us how your business came to be

Six years ago I was unhappy and unsatisfied with role in a business that didn’t align with my

values. I quit with nothing but a fresh start. Not even a week later I was approached by my now

business partners as they’d got wind that I was looking for another role. I set up osteopathy

within their Drysdale and Torquay clinic. I shared with them my desire to open up a clinic in

Geelong to help a wider community. With them being dreamers and me being a do-er, two years

into working with them - BodyLab health was opened.

What has been one of your best business calls/decisions to date?

Working with business partners that are in different stages of their lives: one with teen kids and

another who is just looking to start a family. This has meant as a team we’ve been able to keep

the day to day running of BodyLab health streamlined whilst on maternity leave and have been

able to continue to prioritise my family and grow the business.

Your daily motto?

Progress over perfection.

What are three things you could help other members with?

My role as an osteopath would lend me to help members be able to assist with their desk set ups - both

sitting and standing. The nutritional component I offer is geared to women’s health, so members that at after

nutritional support can check in with me too. On a business side of things, I manage our employees with the allied health space, so if they’re

looking to hire, or want to know how that’s structured, I can give guidance on this side of allied health business too.

What are three things you need help with at the moment?

I’m looking to broaden the community I can help, and also do more virtual nutritional

consults. I’m interested if anyone is doing this currently, and how this looks in your business.

Both my kids are in daycare and kinder at present. I’d love to chat to any mums that are onsite

when working that have been through that transition to school and what their work days look

like. I’m also interested in members that have recently shifted to be working less in the business, and

more on the business, and how this balance is working for them.

What does your typical day look like?

Both my kids are early rises so we’re up between 5 and 5:30am. My partner usually does breaky

with the kids as it’s something he enjoys, and I get my hair and face ready for the day. I’ve

learned I will likely end up with spew or snot on me if I get into what I want to wear to work too

early, before coffee and porridge. I lay the kids clothes out and pack their daycare bags the night

before so it’s a quick change after breaky, and into the car by 7:30am for daycare drop off. I’ve in

built 15 minutes for this in case we have a melt down and it means I can leave stress free and

knowing that they’re settled in. We have a great privately run centre that align with our values,

and I really do trust my kids with them. I then head to work which is either a 30 minute or

15 minute drive depending which clinic I’m headed to. I aim to get some professional

development done here so I listen to webinars or podcasts on my way. I see clients for hands on

appointments and mentor staff till 4pm, and then head back to daycare pick up. Usually my

partner beats me home and has dinner on if not finished as he’s a tradie and starts early and

finishes early. He’s a great cook and we have planned the meals the Sunday before for the week

ahead so it’s a streamlined process. Bath or shower and bed for the kids then TV with Jack or if

he’s doing invoicing I’ll read a book. I do most of my reading via audible but still love the feel of a

paperback. My son wakes once or twice a night for a breastfeed, and my daughter may get up

once, but she’s a pretty good sleeper until we see her at the beside at 5/5:30am again!

What projects are coming up next?

We’ve just been cleared to extend our building which will make room for a studio space,

allowing us to expand our Pilates offering, and change up the kinds of care we can offer clients, especially

women. It’s also going to align with a rebrand and open evening for our allied health partners.

How would you describe your family life?

Chaos that I wouldn't change for the world.

What do you think is your most transferable skill between motherhood and business?

Organisation and structure is key. The skills I learnt putting systems into the business

have served me well to get out of the house on time and to daycare.

How would we find you spending your weekends?

Swimming lessons with the kids and life admin usually. Our goal this year is to go

camping on weekends more. So far once is better than none!

What mantra do you live by?

You’ve done, and can do hard things.

What’s the last book you read that you’d recommend to a friend?

Life admin hacks by Mia Northrop and Dinah Rowe-Roberts.

What’s the best part of being part of the Mums & Co community?

Sharing ideas and feeling the support of other women and mums that are doing the same thing as me. This support helps me push the ‘mum guilt’ aside as I know what I’m doing aligns with my values and I’m helping my community: things that I want my kids to see.

How has Mums & Co helped you?

I really enjoyed the conference and I’m looking forward to making more connections with members that I may not have ordinarily connected with in my network locally.

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