Member Profile: Delia McCabe, Consultant at Lighter, Brighter You!

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Describe your biz in a sentence
I support individuals and organisations to get the best out of their brain by reducing stress (and burnout) so they think clearly and creatively.

Tell us how your business came to be:
I was going to go back into academia after my PhD but Covid happened and universities cut staff so there were no more opportunities, and so I decided to support women directly vs writing up research in boring journal articles they’d never get to action.

What has been one of your best business calls/decisions to date?
To post more on LinkedIn.

If you could re-do / change something about your biz - what would it be?
Re-think who my audience/community really is.

Describe a time when you took a risk - how did it work out for you?
Very well – I got invited to speak on stage in Lisbon and jumped at the (risky) chance and it’s changed my business.

Funny situation that happened through your business?
I now ask people ‘what’s your budget’ and some people react very oddly – I find it funny that they think I have a charity, but they have a business.

What’s something raw & unfiltered you’ve been through / never told anyone about your business or motherhood?
It’s very hard in the beginning because you’re truly just figuring everything out as you go … I used to get very frustrated with the tech (software) and once I sat down and cried as I thought I’d lost loads of content, but I was just looking in the wrong place … LOL!

Your daily motto?
‘I’ll figure it out!’

What are three things you could help other members with?
Being mentally resilient; making meals and snacks simple and easy to create; improving energy levels via improved gut health

What are three things you need help with at the moment?
Reaching more women who need my help; refining my message; and that’s it.

What’s one thing you know that will benefit our audience?
Let them know! Knowing how to make meal times simple and easy to create – and feeling into what they can and can’t control! This is life-saving for the female brain which is prone to rumination!  

Anything else you want to share?
My best pantry items

What does your typical day look like?
Up and at desk by 8.30 – after journaling shower and some morning yoga – otherwise yoga in the afternoons.

Tell us about your business in under 30 words?
It involves posting content on LinkedIn, speaking to potential clients, creating blog articles and course content and delivering virtual session to clients and hosting group training sessions.

What projects are coming up next?
A webinar where I show people how I work with clients – the why and how of my process/system and a new 10 Step Gut (and Brain) Reboot online course.

How do you maintain your motivation?
My reminding myself that I have valuable knowledge to share with people who need it – and my unique perspective can serve them.

What has been one of your best business calls/decisions to date?
To work with other people’s network

What is something about running your business that you wish you had been told sooner?
That it’s hard!

What are your favourite business tools (and why?)
I like LinkedIn – not really thought of as a business tool – but it is for me. And also Canva and Keynote – help me make colourful presentations and images even though I’m not artistic.

What would you like to see more of when it comes to helping women in small businesses succeed?  
I’d like to see them feeling better physically and mentally as it’s hard to work at a business with children at home – and women often neglect themselves by ‘gritting’ through the tough times.

What is one facet of your field that you would like to see changed?
Make it easier for women to admit they’re feeling exhausted – just being more honest with themselves and others

Has there been a significant business mentor in your career?
Yes, I have had a women and a man help me – sometimes just reminding me that I have value to share (and sell!)

Are there any areas you’re seeking help for in your business?
Just to reach more clients – the same problem we all have in an attention economy  

What’s your approach to dealing with the pressures of running your business?
I just take each day as it comes – and try to control only what I can

What’s your approach on ‘the juggle’?
Some days it’s easier than others – live in the moment as much as possible. With grown children it’s not as hard as it used to be …

What is one of the most important pieces of advice you would give to someone beginning their business? A couple of years into their business?
Know that it’s going to be tough and have a community of like-minded people around you! A community can lift you up when times get tough!

How would you describe your family life?
With my children now grown I have a calmer life, with less juggle.

What do you think is your most transferable skill between motherhood and business?
Being able to see the big picture and knowing that everything passes – teething is a great example.  

How would we find you spending your weekends?
Reading, walking, going to the library, to a movie, out for a meal with friends, making popcorn and watching a movie at home.

Who do you admire the most?
People who live through great loss and tragedy and still serve others with a smile

What mantra do you live by?
Everything passes

What’s the last book you read that you’d recommend to a friend?
Hmmmm – hard to choose – I’d say ‘On Being Certain – Believing you’re right even when you’re not’ by Robert A Burton, for anyone who wants to always keep an open mind:

If we looked through your bookmarks what would we find?
Article re’ burnout rising (CNBC); Attention span shrinking research (CNN); A miro board I’m sharing with a new start-up; my online yoga platform; neuroscience for organisational change textbook I’m looking at

What’s a service you can’t live without?
Ordering organic green juice online to pick up at the market each week – a fabulous service and product!  

What supportive networks are you a part of?
Informal ones, on LinkedIn and one on whatsapp

What does mumbition mean to you? (the unapologetic blending of motherhood and ambition)
Women having the option to pursue their dreams and be mothers, without feeling guilty or judged!

If you could be introduced to anyone who would it be?
Dr Ian McGilchrist

Who are the mumbitous business owners you would like to shout out to here?
Every single one of them! They’re all doing what’s hard – but what’s possible in a community of like-minded women!  

What’s the best part of being part of the Mums & Co community?
You know that there’s so much you don’t have to explain about being a mother and having a business! And sometimes just being a woman with a business!  

How has Mums & Co helped you?
It’s helped me speak to more women about taking care of their mental health and the struggle with the juggle

Is there anything else you would like to share?
It’s tough being a conscious human right now – we’re all living in a very complex world, with a lot of overwhelm and uncertainty. It’s important to look after our wellbeing – which includes our brain and nervous system – so we can continue to thrive with our families and reach our dreams!