Mothers Day Gift Guide 2020

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020 - Buy from a Mum, Give to a Mum!⠀

This Mother's Day we want to support our wonderful community by showcasing some brilliant mama's in business who have exciting gifts perfect for Mother's Day.

Did you know there are 345,000 Australian business owning mums?

And when you support an Aussie business mum, you're directly supporting her and her family during these uncertain times.

So this Mother's day, we're asking everyone to spread the mum love as far as possible by buying from a mum to give to a mum! ‍

Buy from a Mum, Give to a Mum Gift Guide!⠀

Hello Mama

Instagram Feed from hellomama_au
What's the story behind the biz?
"Once upon a time, a Melbourne girl’s best friend lived far, far away in the red dirt of Broome. When she discovered her friend was pregnant, she immediately wanted to send a package full of TLC for her bestie. But alas! Every gift the girl found was old-school and not very fun at all.
‘Just because women have babies doesn’t mean they have to lose their identity and become giant dags!’ she exclaimed.
So she searched high and low, far and wide to find all of the very best items from around Australia.
Then she wrapped them in super fun packaging  and shipped them all the way to Broome.
Her friend was ecstatic and said ‘You are the best friend ever and you should create these for all the mamas out there.’ And so she did.
And all the mamas lived happily ever after with their tiny little humans and lactation cookies.

Some seriously lush gifts here "celebrating the baking of tiny humans". We particularly love This Little Mama Stayed Home gift pack perfect for the mamas going cray-cray with kids climbing the walls, the #bosslady mamas trying to juggle it all, the new mamas wishing their own mamas could help with the tiny human who just won't-stop-crying!

Get 15% off using code mumsandco. Offer ends midnight Sunday 10th May

Group Together

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What's the story behind the biz?
We’re 2 mums who started GroupTogether to take the hassle out of collecting money for group gifts or fundraisers.

The great thing is that we've helped people avoid waste -unwanted gifts and landfill, our customers love that they can get help directly from us, we’ve made it easy to show appreciation to teachers, colleagues and friends. We’ve raised $250k for good causes from people donating a portion of their gifts.

You can organise your siblings to chip in and add a personal message and photo to a card. GroupTogether can also organise an e-gift card or gift from any of 22 popular retailers. All for zero cost. Every cent you collect goes into the gift from their retail partners.

We Care Connect

Instagram feed image from We Care Connect
Who's behind the biz?
"We're a start up charity on the Central Coast with big ambitions - we're fundamentally turning the tables on the impact of childhood disadvantage. We provide pre-loved, quality children's clothing and nursery items to families in crisis. We partner with local support agencies to share dignity and kindness with vulnerable families, whilst reducing our environmental impact."

A feel good gift this year with a donation for families in need - from one mother to another!

Coda Design Studio

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Who's the mama behind the biz?
I launched Coda Design Studio in March 2020 while on my maternity leave to my almost 1 year old. I have a digital marketing background so I used my skills to create a website, social media channels and grow organically. I love minimal, timeless styles and the personalised touch to make each item extra special. I'll be adding more products soon to complete our range and add in gift box range.

Coda Design Studio is your go to place for personalised apparel, homewares and accessories. Mama's always have a lot to cart around - how about the gift of a personalised tote bag? Or a lux personalised with her initials pocket t-shirt.

Kindred. store

Instagram snapshot of Kindred._store
Whats's the story behind the biz?
Kindred store is a cruelty-free brand, creating luxurious, vegan leather, portable mats. Our mats are designed to provide a space to bring family and friends together for playtime and picnics. Kindred mats may be left out all day, kept in the car for spontaneous luxe picnics, or folded on a shelf in your home - ready to grab for playtime, yoga or mealtime, kindred. mats are your go-to.

Suitable for all mums, from playtime at home, to picnics with friends, our gorgeous, easy-to-clean mats are your go-to. As they can be left in the car you'll never be caught out without a mat for spontaneous picnics!

Free gift wrapping with every order until 10th May

Buena Onda & Co.

Instagram snapshot from
Who's the mama behind the biz?
Buena Onda & Co. is a Pop-Up Café   Latin American Dessert Bar catering for large scale public events in Melbourne.  Born from the love of Latin American culture and its unique flavours,  Buena Onda & Co. was created by me, Natalia Sikiric, after many annual pilgrimages to my partner's native South America. The birth of our daughter had me take time out as a professional photographer but the creative wheels did not stop turning. Best known as the creator’s of the gourmet 'Alfies' - a Melburnian foodie's interpretation of the Argentinian favourite, the ‘alfajor'. Buena Onda & Co. also wholesale our sweet treats to some of Melbourne's favourite cafés and eateries.Buena Onda & Co. is a cultural experience for the senses. We live by the traditional Latin American ethos of warm hospitality, friendliness and as our name translates, ‘Good Vibes’.

Perfect for the foodie mama! We've collaborated with some of the finest makers and creators to put together our 'Hey Mama' Gift Box.

Thoughtfully curated, this Gift Box includes:

Tokar Estate, Yarra Valley | 2018 Rosé
Smena | 'Let's Stick Together' | leather magnets
Atypic | Café Latté | handcrafted chocolate
Mud   Gee | 'Good Vibes Only' | herbal tea
Mud   Gee | 'Rose Soak' | bath salts  
Buena Onda & Co. | 'Dulce de Leche' | 120ml jar
Buena Onda & Co. | 'No Drama Llama' | refined sugar free cookie
baby succulent to plant with mum | Door2Door Plants

FREE LOCAL DELIVERY -hand delivered with care to ensure your gift gets to mum on time on. Free Delivery within 10km radius of Melbourne on Saturday, 9th May or
Free Delivery with 10km radius of Sandringham, VIC on Mother's Day, Sunday 10th May

10% OFF

For Orders Delivered within Melbourne Metro (10km radius) - Enter Promocode: MUMS FREESHIP For Orders Delivered Outside Melb 10km radius - Enter Promocode: MUMSANDCO Offer Ends Friday 8th May, 2020

Zambrero Waterloo

Who's the mama behind this biz?
I'm Penny and I own the Zambrero restaurant in Waterloo. We offer delicious Mexican food, and have a wonderful philanthropic element, with our Plate for Plate programme.  I love the food, and love the charity element of the business.

We might not be able to go out for a Mother's Day lunch this year - but if your around Waterloo in Sydney Mums & Co member Penny's delicious Mexican restaurant can bring the lunch to you!

Encore Admin

Who's the mama behind the biz?

I’m Korryn, an admin ninja, tech whisperer and virtual assistant.

We all know every mother could use some more time in the day. Why not get a mother you know a hand with her business? Mums & Co Accelerate Member Korryn is the superstar Virtual Assitant behind Encore Admin Consulting.

Music Bee Studio

Instagram snapshot of  Music Bee Studio
My name is Alya. I offer interactive music classes for children 0 - 4yr in with my business Music Bee Studio.
We lived in Kings Cross When I had my son and there was nothing for little babies and mums to do but hit the park and cafe. I started a local music class for babies in the local community centre.

Looking for an activity for Mum and kiddo to do together? Check out Music Bee Studio to get you both singing along together.

Naturely Shop

Instagram snapshot of naturelyshop

About the business?

We are an online community marketplace where local producers of healthy living products are connected with consumers. We are a family orientated business that promotes a green lifestyle and strives to find the highest quality organics with the least environmental impact. Our green lines include: organic food, natural skincare, natural cosmetics, green living and eco-friendly products. We understand that being a mum or a working professional woman is hard, so we want to make it easier for women to find organic, eco-friendly foods and products in one place. Naturely Shop aims to empower women (and men of course) to embrace their inner beauty and nurture their health.

Why not get mum an organic treat this year? A delicious treat or an organic DIY pamper pack of beauty products!

Small businesses are doing it tough at the moment - why not support another mum in business by buying from them this year.
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