How to Pitch your Business Idea―Especially as a Woman

We’re sharing 7 tried-and-tested strategies to help you grow your pitch confidence.

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7 simple tips and tricks to take you from pitch-newcomer to pitch-superstar in no time

Are you someone who’s nervous about pitching? Do you happily let others grab the mic?

Congratulations, you’re just like the vast majority of business owners.

In today’s fast-moving world, it’s incredibly important to know how to pitch your business idea. Because opportunities are around every corner. And it’s up to you to grab them.

The key to pitch success?

Turning your winning idea into the most irresistible proposition. With Confidence.

Today we’re sharing with you 7 tried-and-tested strategies that will help you grow your pitch confidence, especially as a woman.

1. Tell a story

As business-owning women, we are in a unique position.

We’re inherently emotional beings. We feel emotions deeply and we live them every day.

So make your female advantage a staple of every pitch.

Share a personal story that underpins your idea. Turn it into an emotional connection that goes deeper than the numbers in your pitch deck.

Storytelling is what makes pitches memorable and successful.

2. Put in time BEFORE your pitch

The outcome of your pitch depends on your actual presentation. But what comes before the pitch counts just as much. Possibly even more!

We’re referring to your physical and mental warm-up.

Professional athletes don’t start thinking about their race 2 minutes before the event. They get into the zone long before.

And the same goes for pitching:

  • Warm up your voice
  • Choose an outfit that makes you feel good
  • Practice your posture
  • Rehearse your body language

Your pitch deck can be perfect but how you deliver the material ultimately seals the deal.

3. Practice the tough questions

Whenever you pitch, you put yourself out there. And you open yourself up to questions.

Some of them are warranted while others will challenge you to the core.

It’s the challenging ones you need to rehearse so they won’t catch you off guard during an actual pitch.

Make a list of any difficult questions that could come up during a presentation and script calm, collected answers.

These answers will save you down the track whenever you encounter gender bias or a challenging question on your pitching journey.

These scripted answers will help you answer most, if not all, unplanned obstacles without thinking twice.

4. Don’t let unsuccessful pitches stop you

Whenever you’re out on the pitch circuit always keep this in mind:

“Never let an unsuccessful pitch get in the way of your next successful one.”

Many of your pitches will go well. Some will frustrate you and others will teach you a valuable lesson.

5. Practice your elevator pitch so you’re always pitch-ready?

What’s an elevator pitch?

It’s the to-the-point version of what you do, who you do it for and what outcomes you deliver.

Our lives are full of hidden opportunities to shine. At the school gate, at footy training or at a friends’ dinner party.

So if you do one thing today, make it your elevator pitch so you can influence and win more business wherever life takes you. In 1 minute or less!

6. Structure your pitch for success

Every successful pitch is considered and guides the audience so they come to a logical conclusion.

The big YES!

Here are the most important ingredients to pitches that are successful:

  • A strong introduction
  • A compelling story
  • The problem you solve
  • The solution you have
  • Why there’s a gap in the market
  • Why you’re going to close it

7. Learn from experienced pitchers

Nobody was born a confident pitcher.

The smartest way to fast-track your pitch journey is inviting experienced mentors who can help you with tried-and-tested advice.

  • What worked for them?
  • What would they do differently today?
  • How do they present with confidence?
  • What’s their trick to dodge the tricky questions?
  • Why do they appear calm and collected when they’re not?

Listen to anecdotes from those who’ve been there and done.

It will save you precious time, energy and resources in the long run.

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