Should I Start A Business?

When you run your own business, the most important ingredient in its potential success is you!

When you run your own business, the most important ingredient in its potential success is you. 

With that in mind, asking yourself to really analyse your level of motivation and commitment is important.

You are your own employee and you have the power to drive this business in the direction you need it go in – or not.

So…before you start that business idea you’ve been thinking about, ask yourself this: Do I really want to be in business?

If the idea of running your business fills you with nervous dread (and it’s important to acknowledge that some nerves are a good thing), then running a business might not be your best path.

That’s okay. Not everyone has what it takes to self-manage and make ideas happen. You might be much happier if you work as a freelancer for someone else’s business and still have the ability to work your own hours from your home base, without the pressure of actually driving the business and finding the clients.

To answer the question honestly, it’s a smart idea to do an analysis of your core strengths and weaknesses and decide how these skills (or lack of them) could impact on the way you run a business.

Some questions to consider before starting your business:

  1. Am I a self-starter?
  2. How do I engage with other people?
  3. Can I lead others?  
  4. How do I handle responsibility?
  5. Am I organised?
  6. Am I a diligent worker?
  7. Can I make decisions?
  8. Do people trust my opinions?
  9. Do I have patience?

Be honest with your answers, make a note of them and, if needed, talk to a business coach or mentor about your feelings. Starting a business can be a big investment in both time and money. If it’s not right for you, it’s helpful to know now – then you can focus your energies on another way to earn income for you and your family, without feeling trapped in a business you don’t enjoy.

Freelance consulting in your field can be a productive alternative. You simply need to set an hourly rate you feel comfortable with and take on work for other people running their own businesses. The benefits can be a freedom to choose your own hours, to a certain extent, and still be there for your family.

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