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Use your legacy to supercharge your business

What does legacy mean to you? What impact does that have on the running of your business and your experience of life?

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What does legacy mean to you? What impact does that understanding have on the day to day running of your business and your experience of life? Sarah Nelson, a woman who wears many hats, joins us on Mumbition today to answer not only these questions, but many others. Some of you may know her as Mums & Co’s chief of staff and a valued member of our expert program.

Like many of us in our community, Sarah also runs a side hustle. A consultancy business, Sarah Nelson Advisory, providing strategic guidance for female business owners to improve general performance based around the creation of their legacy statement.

Give us your best 30 second elevator pitch?

“So you know how increasingly we're looking for more meaning and purpose in life? Thinking about legacy is a way of identifying that for you. I have created a process which guides you through understanding the impact of your life experiences and makes a plan for the legacy that you would like to live in every moment. Because being proactive with legacy and aware really helps you live that purpose in every decision and activity.”

Why is having a side business so important to you at this stage in life?

“Initially to help myself, but then the awareness of how it helps other women. Just that community feeling of we're in business to help, we're in business to help each other is such a special thing for anyone, regardless of the scale, whether it's like mine, a tiny micro consultancy, or whether it's the business that is your main source of income for you and your family.

I'm very experiential. I learn and think and produce by doing, not in theory. So that whole process of considering, the marketing and the planning really takes me into that flow state. Often I think through Mums & Co stuff in my own business and I think through my own business in Mums & Co stuff. So it's nice, it’s almost like a litmus test, practising what we're preaching. It's a process, it's creativity and it's also a whopping dose of integrity and helping other women is just a huge energy source, it's a business with purpose.

Then it's increasingly becoming a requirement. I've heard from Paris Cutler told it to me first, and then I heard it from another lady in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, that we need to start to be thinking about having five, at least, if not seven, different sources of revenue in your life.”

What have you had to stop doing to make all those things work together?

“I really have had to stop thinking and stop playing small. I would initially go into the first few workshops that I hosted like, oh, but they don't want to hear my story because that's my story and it wouldn't be very professional of me to just talk about my experience because maybe it's going to make my business sound small, or my experience sound limited, and I actually still have to stop worrying about that because clients are for the story, clients are buying my perspective of the world.”

What rules do you set out for yourself when you’re making a new connection while networking?

“If we do want your friends and your colleagues and your network to succeed in this new entrepreneurial world, you've got to be there for them. You've got to register and attend events that your people are hosting in the way that you would like those people to register and attend your events. It really is that collective and that community of support.

But I probably over-resourced it for sure. One of my former bosses would quite ruthlessly only attend for 15 minutes at an event. I've seen people, for example, on LinkedIn, they devote LinkedIn time in the way that people talk about email time. You might have an hour of emails that start at the end of the day, so I think that's sort of always on LinkedIn, staying too long at a physical event is something that I do need to be careful of.”
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