Webinar: Nurturing You and Your Customers Through A Crisis

We discuss all things digital marketing, communications and strategy, as well as touching on the bigger questions of what this period means for your business and how you can make the most of it.

Mums & Co-VID19 Taskforce Webinar

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As the coronavirus crisis unfolds, it’s becoming clear that things will not quickly bounce back to normal. In fact, many commentators are saying that ‘normal,’ as we previously knew it, may cease to exist, and we’ll all have to adjust to a ‘new normal.’ What this will look like currently isn’t clear. 

But if we’re headed for a different version of reality than we previously knew, what should we be doing with our businesses? Do our old strategies apply, or do we need new ones? And how should we be communicating with our customers and what should we be doing with them? All of these critical questions are answered in our latest webinar. 

Featuring renowned entrepreneurs Aoife O’Connell, Founder, Yarnly AI, and Paris Cutler, Founder, Blue Sky 77, our latest webinar discusses all things digital marketing, communications and strategy, as well as touching on the bigger questions of what this period means for your business and how you can make the most of it. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in the webinar: 

From a business and marketing perspective, what should I be doing now? 

Right now, there is no ‘business as usual.’ According to both Aiofe and Paris, the typical marketing playbook is completely out the window. What you need to do now, says Aiofe, is simply stop: 

‘From a social and digital strategy, you need to stop what you’re doing. You need to look at absolutely everything, and then decide on a new strategy and new messaging, as of right now.’ 

But what should this strategy look like? Aiofe believes that now is a great time to network, connect and engage with your community: 

‘Even though not everyone is buying at the moment, now is the time to nurture your community and build a relationship with them. Use these circumstances to be transparent and authentic, brave and kind. Aim to build that emotional connection.’ 
Watch the full webinar now
Watch the full webinar now!

From a practical perspective, Pairs says that there are lots of ways you can nurture and grow your community right now. Using an example of a client she’s working with, Paris explains: 

‘Say for example you’re a cafe. Usually, you wouldn’t have many reasons to collect people’s email addresses. But right now, you just might, you just might be able to ask people for this information as you want to inform them when you’re open, for example.’ 

‘As we’re currently in a physical distancing environment, now is the perfect time to ask for their name and email address to get in touch.’ 

Paris and Aiofe provide more examples of how to nurture and grow your community in the webinar. Listen to it here. 

How should I be communicating with my customers? 

If you are going to be communicating with your customers at this time, what should you be saying? Whatever it is, says Paris, you need to ensure it’s appropriate. Paris says that she’s seen a lot of tone-deaf communications, and you need to be very careful that you don’t accidentally communicate in that way: 

‘Research is showing that people have coronavirus-news fatigue, so you need to be careful with your comms. Being overly optimistic is not respectful of those experiencing severe hardship, yet sharing too much negative information also worsens fatigue.’ 

‘I’m currently telling my clients to be what I call “optimistic realists.” This means being positive, but not negating the ongoing trauma.’ 

But how do you communicate in this way? Paris gives some great examples in the webinar, access it here.

Also in the webinar: 

  • Why you should be investing in Facebook advertising right now
  • What marketing tactics are being used in East Asia as it recovers

Listen to the webinar now to understand how to nurture your business and customers through the crisis.

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