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What would $40k in tech do for you?

There’s no doubt about it, technology is changing at a rapid pace. So how can small business owners keep up and make the most out of it?

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In a recent episode of Mumbition The Podcast (brought to you by DWEN the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network), we chatted with two business owners about how they use technology in their business Nandeeta Maharaj is the founder of Goods 4 Good a social enterprise company and a member of DWEN, the Dell women’s entrepreneur network. And Katrina McCarter, founder of Marketing To Mums and our Mums & Co Marketing Expert. 

At Mums & Co we’ve heard that technology play an integral part for small businesses

Here’s what Nandeeta, had to say about the role technology has played in her business and how winning $40k in technologies would impact her business.

Carrie Kwan:

Now Nandeeta, as a ferocious learner, and we love ferocious learners, I'm not surprised if you know about the DWEN Dream Tech Competition. Well, their first place is actually $40,000 in Dell Technologies gear. What type of difference would that make in your business?

Nandeeta Maharaj:

So I'm an online platform. I'm eCommerce. So the implications for me are huge to have access to technology like that. And especially someone who's bootstrapping in the whole startup space, that would change the game for me. It'll be the leapfrog that I would need to get to my next step.

I think with the way that the whole startup ecosystem is, specifically for me as a social entrepreneur, it is really challenging. So I am operating in a very loud and crowded eCommerce space. I am a social enterprise, and a lot of people actually Don't understand what a social enterprise is. And I don't blame them. You've got B Corp, you've got charities, you've got fair trade, you've got so many different business models. So the education around that, competing with such huge companies in the eCommerce space to have access to technology like that, being able to make my business slicker, for a better word, would be a huge benefit for me.

Carrie Kwan:

Yeah. And I think as a bootstrap, so that means literally the funding is anything that you're earning in the business, you're actually throwing back and investing back into the business.

Nandeeta Maharaj:


Carrie Kwan:

And technology moves at such a fast pace at the moment. And keeping across it, it's a real leg up if you can get access to that, whether it's the technology or the expertise around the technology, totally welcome it.

And I think particularly for our community, a lot of the women don't have big teams around them.

Nandeeta Maharaj:


Carrie Kwan:

That access to expertise is so helpful. It really does make the difference.

Nandeeta Maharaj:

Exactly. And that expertise specifically with the being an eCommerce company, cybersecurity is such a huge thing at the moment. And to have access to expertise where I know that my platform is safe, because that is my whole business, is so important.

Carrie Kwan:

There was actually a recent stat I heard, I like lots of different stats, and around 40% of all micro businesses owners in Australia actually conduct half of their business online. So you're a hundred percent.

Nandeeta Maharaj:

Yeah, a hundred percent online.

Carrie Kwan:

So it literally is... I think we're shifting to that way where how we do business is so different. So technology plays a crucial role, and especially with cybersecurity, which I think is something that maybe small businesses haven't thought about, but it affects us. When it does affect us, it's going to affect us in a big way.


This episode is brought to you by DWEN the Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network.

For more than a decade, DWEN has brought women entrepreneurs together from around the world to help them connect, scale their businesses, and ultimately succeed. 
Entries for the 2023 DWEN Dream Tech Competition are now open! Join DWEN and enter the Dream Tech competition for your chance to win up to $AUD40K in Dell tech prizes*  

*Terms & Conditions apply

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