Be MPowered: Meet The Speakers - Katrina McCarter

Get to know your Be MPowered 2021 speakers. Katrina is the founder of Marketing to Mums, a marketing and research consultancy which helps businesses sell more effectively to Australia's most powerful consumer.

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Katrina is the founder of Marketing to Mums, a marketing and research consultancy which helps businesses sell more effectively to Australia's most powerful consumer. She is an award-winning international speaker, best-selling author, marketing strategist and mentor. Katrina specialises in helping business owners and brand marketers attract, engage and convert more mothers to their brand using research-based insights. Katrina passionately believes there is a new way to communicate and sell to mothers.

Tell us a bit about your business

Sure. I’m Katrina McCarter. I’m the founder of Marketing and Mums. I’m a marketing strategist, best-selling author, international speaker and business coach and I specialise in helping businesses sell more effectively to the world’s most powerful consumer, mums. I work with start-ups solopreneurs right through to corporates, using my research based insights to develop their marketing strategy to drive their sales and profit. I believe that there’s a new way to communicate with mothers which can yield incredible results for business too.

What is it that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning?

The belief that I control my destiny. That I create my opportunities. And then,  the excitement of what wonderful things I might do and create to help my small business owner clients. I’m a creator, a problem solver, a left field thinker who sees opportunities others often don’t and I love to serve others and help them reach the success they desire. Knowing my work is really benefitting others is my key source of energy.

What are you looking forward to at the Be MPowered Conference 2021?

Connecting with other incredible mum-led business owners and hearing their stories.

What makes you an expert in your field?

My expertise is in marketing to mothers. I’m a research-based marketer and I love using data to shape strategies. I have written two books in the field; Marketing to Mums and The Mother of All Opportunities, the latter which launched in NYC in front of Google, Facebook and You Tube specialists. In 2018, I launched the world’s first (and only) podcast which talks about everything related to attracting and engaging different types of mothers around the world, called Marketing to Mums. I’ve had the honour of advising more than one hundred small business owners over the past six years and last year I was named by Remodista in their global Women2Watch list as being a pioneer, change-maker and business disruptor.  

More recently, I’ve become known for the work I do in Partnerships and Collaborations. I built my first business to a community of 150,000 mums across Australia using partnerships, and I never spent more than $300 on marketing. When I launched Marketing to Mums I relied on partnerships again. I’ve used them to position my business, generate leads, fund my book and podcast and even dress me for my speaking engagements. Since then, I’ve had business owners ask me to teach them how I do it. So, for the past two years I’ve been running a program to help small business owners and entrepreneurs successfully identify and negotiate their own marketing partnerships and collaborations. More recently, I launched it as a separate brand called Partnership Mastery. 

What advice would you give anyone starting a small business?

Be Bold. 

Think Big. 

Back Yourself. 

Take Chances. 

Be Strategic.

Look to collaborate your way to success.

How do you relax when you are not working?

Walking in nature. I love it. It’s where I’m creative and where I solve problems.

Give us an interesting fact about you that not many people know.

I absolutely love being in New York City. I love the energy and the feeling of opportunity I soak up as I walk the streets downtown. Without question, it’s my happy place. 

What are you a superstar at?

Two things; Partnerships and marketing to female consumers.

What do you suck at doing?

Despite founding and running a successful e-commerce site for five years, I’d have to say tech. I improved greatly over the five years I built this business, in fact I even learned some coding, but the tech side of the business is where I like to have someone else in control and managing. 

What are you currently bingeing on Netflix?

I’ve just finished all nine seasons of Suits and I am missing seeing the great Harvey Spector and the powerhouse of a woman, Donna, on my screen. I’m open to any suggestions.

You can follow Katrina at:

Facebook: @marketingtomums

Instagram: @marketingtomums

LinkedIn: katrina-mccarter

Twitter: marketingtomums


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