Be Seen As A Business Expert

When you're seen as the expert in your industry, things happen!

When you’re seen as the expert in your industry, things happen.

People turn to you for advice. Other people refer colleagues and clients your way – people seek out your opinion because they believe it really matters. But how do you create a reputation as a business expert in your field?

Establishing an online presence is a great start. Try looking at your LinkedIn profile. A few tweaks to your headline and your summary page can boost up your business credibility by helping you appear as an industry thought-leader.

Taking a few moments from your day to share interesting articles about edgy stuff happening in your sector is one way to help the impression that you have your finger on the pulse. If you have the time, create your own thought-provoking content that shares top tips and helpful insights into the way people in your industry can do better business. Check out our article How Generate Leads On LinkedIn for more tips.

6 tips to boost your expert status

1. Introduce yourself (and what you do) with confidence

When you are at a networking function and people ask what you do, what do you say? Rather than give some boring, long-winded answer, practice delivering a brief, interesting description that highlights the problems you solve for your clients.

Instead of talking about how you work as a website designer, for example, say something like: “I help business owners create a powerful online presence that gets them more clients”.

2. Be upfront (and bold) about your pricing

Pitching for work and then break into a nervous sweat when someone asks you for your pricing? Be bold. You are worth it. If you lost the pitch, it just might mean they are not your type of client. Don’t worry about making up prices to suit different businesses. Have your price and be confident about it.

3. Never stop learning

By continually upgrading your skills, you’ll be seen as an industry leader – and won’t be left in the wake of your competitors.

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4. Create strong networks

Business is tough if you try to do it alone. With a solid network of professional people around you, you can tackle any business issue that comes your way. Find a trusted accountant, bookkeeper, IT guru and whoever else you need to operate your business well. If you stay focused on the parts of your business that you’re best it, business will boom.

5. Have an on-line presence that rocks

What’s the first thing people do today before hiring a business to work with them? They check them out online. If you were searching for you, or your industry, what would your business’s online presence say? Make sure every aspect of your online presence is congruent and that it shows you off in the best possible light. Make it so people want to do business with you because they are completely confident about you, your skills and how you can help them.

6. Hit The Speaking Circuit

Talking about your industry and your journey as a business owner at networking and industry functions is a fantastic way to boost your ‘expert’ reputation. Invest in some public speaking workshops or one-on-one tuition to up your skills and you will find that the improved credibility has a positive impact on your business.

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