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How you can embody confidence at every occasion

How you can embody confidence at every occasion

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How you can embody confidence at every occasion - with Rosie McKay of My Virtual Stylist

For many business owning women, feeling like you lack confidence is something that many have in common. One mumbitious business owner is tackling this head on. Sydney based fashion stylist Rosie McKay has created a business that seeks to support women and men in embodying confidence in their business life by focusing on what they wear. With a vast shoe collection and a love of all things fashion, Rosie McKay shares insight into her virtual styling business, and the incredible impact it has on her clients and the way they feel about themselves.

Can you share your journey into small business?

“I had a really long career in magazines before working for myself. After I started working for myself, I then went into motherhood and I continued working for myself, but I didn't feel completely myself, and I couldn't really put my finger on the missing ingredient. 

I realised that I had stopped getting up and getting ready for my day, because when I was working on a magazine, I had that routine of getting up, getting dressed, making myself feel the way that I wanted to feel for the events that you had that day. But all of a sudden I had stopped doing that for myself, and I wondered if I was feeling like this, if a lot of other women who had experienced a shift in their career or in their life had started to lose their confidence because they'd stopped paying attention to what made them feel good.

Style is definitely an ingredient in that mixing pot of what makes us feel good. So from there, this arm of my business, my personal styling arm of the business, was born and it's something that brings me a lot of joy.”

What are the skills involved in motherhood that you feel have transferred into your business?

“Motherhood has definitely taught me patience, and particularly in the business sense. I'm really ambitious and I want everything to happen yesterday. Motherhood teaches you that you need to go through the motions, you need to be present. That has really shaped the way I am as a businesswoman, particularly lately, where I have just been more open to letting things happen as they need to.

I've had some really lovely moments, and I think getting a little bit older, I’Il just stop and honour moments of a day and think ‘I feel really, really happy’. Learning to appreciate those moments in my life transfers into the business sense because I feel like when I'm in business mode, I can be really impatient.”

What is your number one tip for managing risk in an online business like yours?

“Lorraine Murphy, a mentor I worked with, always said, ‘you do the minimum viable thing that you need to do to see if that business is going to be successful’. I have definitely seen that come to fruition as I've been working in creating this physical product for my clothing brand.

You need to dip your toe in the water, obviously have your long term vision, but you need to do it step by step, bite by bite. You need to make sure that what you're doing has legs before you put all of your beans in that pot.”

Who makes up your Co to support the work that you're doing and how do they support you?

“Definitely my husband and my children. My sister is like my best friend and also the first person I will consult about anything. I am so blessed with lifelong friends, 20 and 30 year relationships and they are my ride or die; I go to them for everything.

Then also there are people in my business that support me and so I couldn't do what I do without the professionals, the accountant, the financial advisor. If your business is on track, then emotionally and everything else, then you can feel a little bit more on track too.”

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