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Beckoned by the call of a sea change, Anna Hastie packed up her life and moved diagonally across the country and landed in Broome, with the intention of only staying temporarily, she was won over by the charm and community of the coastal Kimberley town and now calls it home.

It was on this new adventure that would see Anna begin her career as a solopreneur, firstly as a remedial massage therapist before pivoting into sound bath healings and business mindset coaching. 

What have you found that you’ve had to stop doing [as a new mum] in order to keep the flow?

“I have to say from working with clients over the years who are mums, and I've always had great sympathy and understanding for all the challenges that they bring, that whole thing goes. You never know what it's like until you walk in someone else's shoes.”

What’s one thing that has really helped create visibility for your business?

“I would say 100% it was social media. I didn't build my website until two years into my business, it was all through Facebook pages, and now Instagram has a grand old time with this business side of social media. But yeah, all on Facebook, and that's how I started my business. Because I've transitioned into, even though I'm still within the natural therapy realm, I've been able to continue my followers into this line of business as well. I've still been able to continue the traction and momentum without having to start from scratch again, which is just so wonderful. It's great actually being in Broome because we're very, very community minded up here, which is a great appeal to me.”

What would be the shape of a good life for you if you had to describe this?

“Love, support and adventure, straight up the three values that I have in my life. Not only to give, but to receive. So, love in everything that I do and for the people in my life. Support, knowing that I can give support to my family and I'm receiving support, not only business, but family as well. Adventure, life has to have a lot of play, a lot of adventure, a lot of fun. That's pretty much my upbringing anyways, travelling, adventure, doing crazy things. That's what I really want to bring into Ava’s life as well, just have lots of adventures and do lots of fun things together.”

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