There is power in fear

There is power in fear

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Embrace fear to experience growth - with Neva Read of Artful Brand

Adaptability is a word we quickly learn as mothers, especially in the context of harmonising our career ambition and family life. An astounding 30% of business-owning women start their own business while on maternity leave. Often prompted by the realisation that the corporate world may be unable to support their work and family life balance. An experience that we often hear from our community. 


One Mums & Co member whose experience leaning into her freelance and consulting role has helped her redefine her idea of motherhood and business is Neva Read. Neva is the founder of the successful digital marketing agency, The Artful Brand. 

Can you please share your pitch with us?

“Artful Brand is a digital marketing agency. Providing unique approaches to create brand magic and transform native marketing. Which is aimed at leaving an emotional impact with a target audience that results in long term sales and loyalty.”

How do you protect yourself from business risk?

“One of the things you can do to really protect yourself is forecasting. And when I say forecasting, it's looking into the future and understanding what do I want to achieve over the next couple of years. Then what are the challenges that I have to overcome and what are the possible risks to my business from a financial perspective, from a marketing perspective through to a sales perspective?”

What is the most important tip in that path to growing a business?

“I've got to keep a very strict schedule, and I think that was the biggest skill set that I took from the corporate world. I remember learning from the first CEO I worked with, she was amazing at teaching me how to manage my time and how to prioritise and make sure that you are balancing out all the important priorities of the day. Of course, making the kids feel like they're important as well, and not putting them to the side.”

Want to know more about how Neva Read has created a brand voice that truly represents who she truly is?

What does your presence on social media say about your brand? How do you engage and interact with your audience that is a true reflection of your brand?

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