Business Branding In 5 Steps

To stand out from your business competitors? You need business branding that rocks.

So you've got a great business idea that's going to change the world but how do you create successful business branding that makes potential customers want to engage with what you have to offer?

Follow our five step plan and you'll be on your way!

The 5 Ps of Business Branding

Successful brands begin with the 5 Ps:

Position, Presentation, Passion, Purpose, and Profit.

Each P feeds and flows to the next one.

1. Position 

This is your unique story.

Where have you come from and why is that an important part of your business story? How does your business reflect this background?

2. Presentation 

With the actual essence of your story already set, now you need to know how to tell it effectively.

You can choose to tell your story boldly, or more gently. Your story can be told in a variety of ways – from the design of your logo and website to the events and other businesses you align with and collaborate with.

3. Passion 

The passion part of your story is the energy and enthusiasm you bring to your business. This can naturally ebb and flow during times of stress and massive action so it’s important to look after your physical and mental health to stay balanced and energised to ensure your passion for what you do stays strong and motivates clients and customers to want to use your service/product.

4. Purpose 

This is what allows you to grow. What is your reason for existing in business?

Think about your ‘why’ and what drives you. Depending on the nature of your business, your purpose might be to help others, to give back to community, to donate profits to charity or something more personal, to support your own family. Purpose is an important thing to have and helps you maintain the motivation to do what you do each day.

5. Profit

With a rock star business brand, profit should follow. But remember, your personal idea of profit might be more meaningful than just finances, including genuine personal enrichment.
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Let It Flow

For business authenticity, congruency and the flow-on success that goes with great business marketing, it’s important that each element of your 5 Ps is reflected in everything your business does.

From the logo on your business card, to the look and feel of your website and social media presence online, your business needs to be one that is recognisable and real. Invest where you need to – with professional photography that captures the image you need to portray and quality design that makes your branding message clear to your target market.

With the 5 Ps of your branding success taken care of, you’re on your way to develop a brand that rocks – and one that can open the door for you to fresh opportunities and business success.

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