Finding Your New Normal

Join this small group session to learn how business owners can give themselves permission to succeed in this ‘new normal’ and address the topic of value and pricing.

Expert Group Session with Sarah Nelson

27 August 2020, 11:00 - 12:00 - Reserve your place today!

Let’s just call it shall we?

Old normal isn’t coming back. New normal is here, have you decided what you would like yours to be?

With the majority of businesses now running from home, we’ve learned how to live with the sometimes hilarious kid related interruptions to business, and are adjusting to the opportunities and challenges of the future of work, often still in our PJS .

So how do business owners regain a sense of control?

What should you be prioritising to adapt?

Have you defined success or are you letting others do that for you?

In this small group session Sarah will talk about how business owners can give themselves permission to succeed in this ‘new normal’ and address the sometimes tricky topic of value and pricing. There will be the opportunity for our Expert to address your questions regarding your business and you will have the opportunity to hear what other business owners are experiencing too.

Attendees will leave with

  • Empowering actions to succeed in this new business climate.
  • Insight into Pricing your services.
  • An invitation and permission to embrace the power of collaboration.

Who is this for?

This small group session is open to all business owners. Especially if you are interested in being more proactive with building long term meaning and impact through your business legacy. 

If you’ve been wondering about how to navigate your business through this ‘new normal’ this Expert Group Session will help you to be proactive in reorienting your frameworks and adjusting new business norms.

About the Expert

“Chief Legacy Officer” Sarah Nelson is a communications, brand and operations expert and independent advisor to business founders, owners  and leaders and CEOs on integrating values and brand through operations to improve performance, reduce reputational risk and proactively craft legacy. 

Event details

27 August 2020, 11:00 am -12:00 pm. Reserve your place today!

Submit your questions to Sarah prior to the event. Once you have reserved your spot you can submit your question about your business for Sarah to answer during the session.

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