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How to celebrate your unique story in your business branding

What differentiates your business in the market? How do you convey your own unique personality in your brand?

5 minutes

What differentiates your business in the market? Of course, it's the great product or service that you've lovingly created for your dream customer. However, what's the really crucial element? 

Well, it's you, your story, your authentic self and the way you present yourself into the world that can provide a unique selling point for your business. So what does it take to effectively capture and promote your quintessential essence?

There’s one business owning mum who has worked alongside Mums & Co and documented our behind the scenes content for many years. She's snapped big names like Marie Forleo, Elizabeth Gilbert, Kate Hudson, Elle Macpherson and Sarah Jessica Parker. However, her favourite clients are small business women who are building their dream. Her flourishing business helps women sell their products and services by celebrating their fabulous and true self.

Jade Warne (or Hipster Mum as her 157,000 followers on instagram know her) is the founder of
Hipster Mum Social, a thriving photography, videography and digital marketer and also a mum of three. She’s a visual wingwoman for the many business owning women who are her clients. Far from cookie cutter visual branding, her unique vision works with women to reveal their own unique vibrancy and energy. We chatted with Jade on Mumbition The Podcast about how she harmonises her ambition, livelihood and wellbeing. Here's a snippet of what she shared...

The million dollar question - how should we pose at a photoshoot?

“It really starts from you. It starts from you conceptualising, what is the story of my business? What is the story of me? What kind of image do I want to project in this setting? I always say to my clients to start on Pinterest. Set up a mood board with imagery that lights you up whatever that might be. There’s no cookie cutter pose that's going to work for every single person. But what is going to work for every person is them investing in the story that they want to tell, taking the time to feel comfortable in that and then pouring themselves into that character.”

Is there a universal piece of advice about how to create a successful photoshoot?

“Photoshoots are all made in the prep stage, the vision you have for it, your outfit, the location and the photographer that you work with. What happens on the day is just the final little piece of the puzzle.

The photographer knows what they're doing and have got plan B, C, D E and F to Z in mind - it’s a bit like mum life. If you don't have a nappy in the bag, you've got one in the car. If there's not one in the car, then there's one in the pram - there’s always a back up.

There’s always a second option, and if something goes wrong, inevitably it will. It's not the end of the world.”

How do you harmonise your ambition, livelihood and wellbeing?

“My version of motherhood is so not harmonious. It's hilarious. My understanding of motherhood is is it is just like hardcore crawling on your belly from the minute the alarm goes to the minute your eyes closed. My work and being able to build, create and enjoy something is just so much fun.

Motherhood is another kind of battle zone where you have to deal with emotions and face your fears.

You try to get through all your triggers and trauma and then help your kids to be resilient in their ways. It is so hard core, I wouldn't say there's much harmony in my life at all, but my work is my happy place. When things are going haywire, I can always come back and do some video or photo editing and I find it's very peaceful. It's nice to have that in my life, something I can retreat to and be able to go and face the fray of bedtime and baths. So it's never in harmony. It's ups and downs and just trying to swim through in the middle of it all.”

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