Webinar: Managing Expectations

Expert guidance into what is and isn’t possible right now, for both you and your kids including why kids may be acting up, how to manage mum guilt, and much more. 

Mums & Co-VID19 Taskforce Webinar

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Even at the best of times, us mums are prone to having high expectations of ourselves. We want to run successful businesses and be the best parents we can be, plus manage our social lives, me-time, and everything else that comes with it. It’s an ongoing balancing act. 

Yet right now, that balancing act has been thrown completely into disarray. How do we do everything plus deal with stress of the coronavirus situation and potentially home-school our kids? What we need right now is not more to do, but to understand how to best manage expectations: those we place on ourselves, plus those of our children. 

In our  webinar with children’s behaviour expert and Founder of Simply Kids, Stephanie Wicker-Campbell, and Emmy Samtani, Founder of Kindred, we explore how to best understand what is and isn’t possible right now, for both you and your children. We delve into why you might have seen increased behavioural issues with your little ones, how to manage mum guilt, and much more. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in the webinar: 

Why might I be seeing increased behavioural challenges with my children at the moment?

According to Stephanie, the key to understanding behavioural issues in children - and also our own behaviour - is to understand what’s happening in the brain at any one time. The stress of the current situation is impacting our brains a lot, Stephanie asserts, and it’s making us behave and react in ways we usually wouldn’t: 

‘When we get stressed, there’s an overload of cortisol in our brains, and we start to feel overwhelmed.’ 
‘And when we’re overwhelmed, our practical, “upstairs” brain, the one that uses all of those important, rational executive functional skills, doesn’t communicate as well with our “downstairs” brain, the one that’s more reactive and emotional.’ 
‘This causes us to not function as well. We get forgetful, we’re easily emotional, we’re a little cloudy.’ 

Stephanie says that our children are very intuitive, and they are reacting to our behaviours as well as the general world around them: 

‘Children are very ego-centric thinks, that’s how their brains are designed to work. So they may be hearing us complain, they may see the news and they translate all of that into something personal.’ 
‘As a result, you may be seeing more avoidance behaviours, maybe they’re more needy, maybe they challenge you. This is their way of reacting to what’s going on.’ 

But how do you help your children through this challenging time? Stephanie provides excellent advice in the webinar, access it here.

How can I best set my children - and myself - up for a productive day? 

It’s a challenging time, says Stephanie, so it’s important to be realistic and kind to yourself. But there are small things you can do to help you and your children get through the day, and one of them is setting a schedule: 

‘Scheduling is so important because it helps us feel in control, in a situation where we don’t have much control at all.’ 
‘To help best engage kids, start your schedule with things they are interested in learning about, but also things that pique your interest. This will help you - and them - to be more motivated.’ 

But what should your next step be once you’ve discovered what your kids are interested in? Find out in the webinar, access it here. 

Also covered in the webinar: 

  • How to deal with mum guilt
  • What our kids really need from us right now.

Listen to the webinar now to help you best manage expectations at this challenging time. 

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